Das ‚System Sauckel‘

Book Review:

Das ‚System Sauckel‘. Der Generalbevollmächtigte für den Arbeitseinsatz und die Arbeitskräftepolitik in der besetzten Ukraine 1942–1945.

in: German History, 16 April 2020.

Forced labour under German rule during World War II has attracted wide scholarly interest since the early 2000s. Most work on the topic concentrates on the territory of the German Reich, while a smaller number of studies have examined the situation in occupied Ukraine. Amongst those who have made important contributions to this field, Ulrich Herbert, Mark Spoerer, Karsten Linne, Florian Dierl, Gelinda Grinchenko, Tetjana Pastušenko and Tanja Penter stand out. One aspect of this topic which has nevertheless yet to be systematically examined is the structures and individuals behind the organization of forced recruitment and the deportation of around three million so-called Ostarbeiter to the German Reich.

In her…